A cup of positivi-Tee

It is with great excitement and honour that I had the opportunity to team up with my wonderful friend Tee for this post. I’m sure that you would have noticed that I have been posting about her over the past two months, and I would like to introduce you to a small portion of the programme which she has created, and to express with love and kindness what I have learned from her work.

To begin, the name of the course which I worked through with Tee is entitiled “One step at a time” which focuses on slowing down and seeing what resources you have available within yourself at that present moment in order to achieve your goal, then aims to teach how one is able to control and use those resources. Of course mediation came up as it is one of our strongest tools, but so often it is over looked or pushed aside. Until later it resurfaces.

Truth be told when I began meditating all those years ago it was a daunting task as the digital age has left me feeling vulnerable because of information overload: One website suggests this, the other another suggested something else and on top of that there are hundreds and hundreds of youtube channels suggesting their own idea’s around meditation. It’s a wonder why I still have wonderful friends asking “What do I do?” or “Where do I begin?” and honestly what should you do?

“One step at a time” perfectly describes how both myself and Tee understands and perceive meditation. It’s not so much about how many hours you can sit still with your eyes close, but more about analyzing the journey and how your able developed your mental space one step at a time. If you have a quiet place, just sit, you don’t need fancy music, voice recordings, etc. For that moment, sit and see what comes of your life. The reality about life is that it Is messy, things don’t always go According to plan and that takes a mental toll on our bodies. We worry and stress, suffer from anxiety, remunerating thoughts or depression and most of all we forget to meditate. We go through highs and lows and that’s perfectly normal in our “Deen” but have you actually thought about how to refuel in order to cope with those highs and lows?

I read a study a few months ago that said that in order for our brains to function at its optimal best, its imperative that the body gets a few hours of “Quiet time” each day, because only during that time the brain is cut off from a large influx of sensory feedback and therefore can relax, recuperate and regenerate.

For me, I don’t believe every meditative practice you do should always follow the traditional set standards that we have all come to know, as those are guidelines could either serve your growth while others may hinder. I found that sitting in my garden observing the plants and allowing my thoughts to come and go has resulted in a ton of meditative benefits for me but it that cannot be said the same for someone else.

Which brings me to a 2nd big question: “how long should I meditate for?” Frankly I don’t believe that there is a set time for all humans alike. Yes I do aim for 10-15mins a day but when I began I could only cope with 3mins, then there were times where I had to mental capacity to meditate for up to 30mins but no two days were the same as much as I aimed for that 10-15 minute mark. Therefore its imperative you remember to take your journey “One step at a time.” if today your body calls for 10mins of meditation then do so, if it calls for 5 minutes then do that. If you know that you are someone who likes to follow a regime then work out what would be the best way for you to add meditation to your life. I believe your body knows what’s best for you and in order to find out what that is, all you have to do is quiet the mind and listen to what your body calls for. Each day our body and minds gives us clues about what we need or which direction to move but its impossible to hear or see those clues when you have an influx of swarming thoughts. I think once you have gotten comfortable with your own space, thoughts and internal environment then it’s easier to delve into the depths of the internet to seek help for that which you need to grow in your meditative state, such as how Tee’s programmed has helped me grow.

Yes, there are some useful tips to remember when meditating such as:
• It’s good to begin a meditative practise with some breath work as your breathing will help to centre and ground your mind and body.
• Find a place that makes you feel safe both externally and internally because any fear that arises may cause a fear thought process which we don’t want.
• Another awesome technique which I learned was when I thought enters your mind allow it to drop down into your heart centre and dissipate into love for yourself. It’s not easy at all but I find it helps to train your brain to relax during meditation.

In the end, it’s important that you make the choice to take your journey “One step at a time” at a pace that is right for you. There is no need to rush into mediation, yoga and and and all in one day, you will burn out but if you look at what you’re able to do now, you will notice it’s enough to carry you to that next step. ♡ I thank you Tee for that beautiful reminder. If you would like information about Tee and her wonderful 8 week programme, her information had been placed into the drop down tab above.

Light and love to you on your journey and remember to live it “One step at a time”
Charndre and Tee ♡

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